A firefighter saves and adopts a little puppy who was found near a fire.

Michael has saved numerous lives as a fireman. He has a soft spot for pets, so when the Fire Department rescued a puppy from a rubbish fire, he realized there was more he could do.

He once loved and nurtured a Pit Bull that the Department had rescued. So he made the decision to start afresh! The small dog is now having his finest life with Michael’s family, but it wasn’t easy for him to get there.

Lokki, the innocent little guy, was found near a rubbish fire. Despite his proximity to the flares, the dog was unharmed after that. As a result, the firemen escorted him to the Shelter to assist him in finding a home.

Lokki’s tale impacted Michael, so he decided to place him in the shelter until he found a permanent home. The firefighter had previously achieved something similar.

Chuck, his Pit Bull, had been abandoned by the former owners a long time ago. As a result, he, like Chuck, felt compelled to console Lokki. The dog is fortunate to have such a caring owner.

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